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Manga Ebooks [02 Mar 2012|08:22pm]

Hey everyone ^_^

Just wanted to let you know that I've formatted all 28 volumes of Tsubasa to read on e-readers. I used the pages from BeWithYou Scans for most of the volumes, but I rescanned a few of them from the hard copies so there wouldn't be any crappy magazine scans.

Anyways, you can download them (I also have xxxholic and the light novel, plus a bunch of other series) to read on your e-reader (specifically Kindle, but I have instructions for Sony and Nook) and also on your computer from my blog [here] if you're interested.
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16 Icon Tsubasa Chronicle ♥ [16 Sep 2009|10:46am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Yey ! I made 16 Icon of Tsubasa Chronicle. Comments are love ! and credit if you taking and used...

Preview ♥



Gauging interest~ [11 Jun 2009|10:26pm]

Heya everyone, I didn't see anything in the rules about not making posts about selling but I was just wanting to see if there is any interest in something that I have. It's something special to me but not special enough that I want to keep it because I think someone else would appreciate it more than me. I just wanted to know what price people would be willing to pay for these (I wouldn't sell them separately) if I put them up on ebay to see whether or not I should let go of them.

I bought them when they were FIRST released so it wasn't second hand bought of ebay or anything...I'm pretty sure I got them from cdjapan a long time ago or one of those kinda stores anyway. 

Limited Edition First Press copies of Future Soundscape 1 and 2. Both are in their original plastic wrap (I've NEVER taken them out of their original plastic wrapping) so the cd and the limited edition items are all still wrapped up safely inside. I've never seen the inside of the packages. (The future soundscape 1 is the one with the feather pen and the second futuresoundscape has the notebook or something like that judging from the back of the box)

Anyway, I've never felt a need to open the boxes. So they're both in tact and I just wanted to see if there would be any interest in them and if it would be worth it for me to take proper pictuers and put them up on ebay and such. Thanks!

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help? [16 Feb 2009|05:22pm]

Can someone please tell me where this came from?

follow me under here.....;)Collapse )
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SEE WHO I AM; a syaoran fst [24 Dec 2008|03:30pm]

After 1 year and 2 months later, we [ me, cutesherry , cardcaptorkiki , sakurasun ] as a team have finally finished this long-awaited project, "Syaoran FST: SEE WHO I AM" .
You may think WHY does it take such a long time?? It is because we want to present something that's unique and different from the other FSTs we have encountered!! Our Syaoran FST album contain not only an album cover design. And as well, we have also designed customized lyric pages for each song . Each page has not only the song lyrics, but a matching scene as well that we believed would represent Syaoran's character well (with accordance to the progressing storyline in the manga). All of these pages form a booklet much like what a physical CD copy would contain.

Without a doubt, all of us have put in much time and effort in designing each art piece, selecting the best fitting songs, and organizing everything together. And which, we will have the pleasure to share and present to the fandom the best we can as a dedication for our beloved character, Syaoran. We hope that you can all enjoy this Syaoran FST album!!

WARNING. Contains spoilers for CLAMP's manga, ツバサ-RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-. Please download/view this fan soundtrack at your own discretion.

a syaoran fst

( track listings )

( Complete album download )
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[02 Oct 2008|06:54pm]


Tsubasa x11
[ + Bara no Maria, D.Gray-Man, Loveless, Saiyuki. ]


Material video for Clamp is hereof. [24 Jul 2008|01:27am]

HereCollapse )

[REQUEST] [03 May 2008|11:57am]

I was hoping that someone would have a bigger version of This picture:

If anyone does, please reply with it ^^
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PAKU-SAMA ICONS ;3 [31 Mar 2008|09:28pm]

[ 07x ] Bleach
[ 23x ] D.Gray-Man
[ 19x ] Fullmetal Alchemist
[ 09x ] XXXHolic & Tsubasa
[ 07x ] Paku Romi

Total : 65

+ 01 FMA 'Friends Only' Banner

(x-posted everywhere, so sorry if you see this a lot of times D;)

More TRC Manga [30 Mar 2008|12:23pm]

http://community.livejournal.com/tsubasa_media/81909.html = more scanlations

[Tsubasa Chronicle] Volume 23

[Tsubasa Chronicle] 183-185

Finally had time to upload the latest stuff

(sharing) Tsubasa Soundtracks [15 Feb 2008|11:50am]

Over the link is a bunch of albums I have uploaded into my new archive, including:

Tsubasa Chronicle Future Soundscape I
Tsubasa Chronicle Future Soundscape II
Tsubasa Chronicle Future Soundscape III
Tsubasa Chronicle Future Soundscape IV
Tsubasa Chronicle Best Vocal Collection
Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations OVA OP synchronicity by Yui Makino
Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations OVA ED Saigo no Kajitsu by Maaya Sakamoto

I have since added the following:

NEW! Tsubasa Chronicle Movie OP Aerial by KINYA
NEW! Tsubasa Chronicle Movie ED Amrita by Yui Makino
NEW! Tsubasa Chronicle Drama - Oukyuu no Machine (Royal Matinee) All Chapters

I would say this collection has every Tsubasa Chronicles track so far.

Enjoy over here!!!

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TRC/CCS videos you have never seen before!!! [10 Feb 2008|09:18pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

 Hi! I just wanna share these! These videos are taken from my Sims 2 game with TRC/CCS characters. ^__^ If you want the package files of the characters, just send me a message or comment on this entry.

TRC dance (It's Not Over) I think this is funny.

TRC Dance number2 (with special participation of Naruto as the drummer

Tomoyo's Hidden Camera 1 for CCS S+S fans

Tomoyo's Hidden Camera 2 forCCS  S+S fans

Tomoyo's Hidden Camera 3 (OMG!!! Watch S+S go!!!)

Tomoyo's Hidden Camera 4 (S+S Slow dance) 

Kurogane doing random stuff (funny)

S+S Pillowfight (TRC)

TRC Syaoran and Kurogane fighting

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Tsubasa Manga [26 Jan 2008|11:46am]

[ mood | busy ]

Ok i have uploaded Volumes 17 - 23 (and Chapters 183-185 *at time of doing this that was the latest chapter*) they have been scanlated at various places but these days i tend to get them from Franky-House.

Each time the english versions are out of the books i shall take down the scanlations

There are plenty of twists in the latest chapter so check em out.

Tsubasa Chronicle Volume 17
Chapters 125-132
File Size: 47.53MB

Tsubasa Chronicle Volume 18
Chapters 133-140
File Size: 46.61MB

Tsubasa Chronicle Volume 19
Chapters 141 - 149
File Size: 51.11MB

Tsubasa Chronicle Volume 20
Chapters 150 - 158
File Size: 43.52MB

Tsubasa Chronicle Volume 21
Chapters 159 - 166
File Size: 22.80MB

Tsubasa Chronicle Volume 22
Chapter 167 - 174
File Size: 33.94MB

[Tsubasa Chronicle] Volume 23
Chapters 175-182

[Tsubasa Chronicle] 183-185

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OAV 2 [17 Jan 2008|05:26pm]


Hi!! I know the Tokyo Revelation OAV 2 has been released today! Could someone please give me a link or maybe know when they'll be english subtitles?
Thank you

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[04 Jan 2008|11:12pm]

[ mood | sore ]

Does anyone have the ending theme of the OVA? I don't know what it's called or who sings it; and even if it's an audio rip from the video, that would be greatly appreciated! (SS please? 8D) 

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I just want to share my TRC Christmas doujinshi [29 Dec 2007|10:59pm]


I just wanna share it with you. I hope you like it!

Title: TRC Christmas Party
Story and Illustrated by: Barby Pornea
Rating: Rated PG
Pairings: Sakura x Syaoran, Kuro x Fai, Tomoyo x Kuro, slight Yukito x Touya 


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Searching for that melody . . . [29 Dec 2007|04:46pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Konnichiwa! Just  a newcomer for this community . . . 

I am looking for a TC instrumental music, and I was wondering where can I find an MP3 download of Sakura playing the Koto (in Ashura Castle, Tsubasa Chronicle Season 2). I listened to all of the soundscapes, but the one Sakura playing on the Koto is not matched. I'm kind of disappointed and I was touched with that melody . . . >///<

Please help me out . . . and help me welcome into this community.

Thanks! ^___^

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looking for a song [23 Dec 2007|07:18pm]

Could anyone please upload the song for me that is played in the 1st season during the scene where Fai fights against Primera (in the 1st world they travel to)?
It appears in the series quite often, but I don't know what it's called ^^"

Anyways, if anyone could help me out, that'd be great!!
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[FST] [Hope: A Kurogane x Tomoyo Fan Soundtrack] [20 Dec 2007|11:18am]


Just sharing some of my artworks... [06 Dec 2007|04:11pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I made two new TRC artworks.

Bloody Syaoran

TRC SakuSyao: Love Me Again

I hope you visit my dA gallery!!!

I hope you like them!!! 
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